Wednesday, August 20, 2014

one year

I can't believe it. My sweet little nugget entered this world a year ago. The days leading up to his birthday I loved to think back about what I was doing the previous year. It's so funny to think that it was only a year ago but at the same time I feel like you have been mine forever. I can't remember what I was like before being your mom and frankly I don't care. I love being your mom. It's my very favorite role. This past year you have taught me more about myself than I have learned most of my life.
I have learned that my body is capable of amazing things. I was lucky enough to get to breastfeed you your first year. There was nothing I loved more than giving you your daily nutrition. The way you would gaze into my eyes with so much love and gratitude melts my heart into a puddle on the ground.
I learned that I can do hard things. Going back to work 3 days a week almost killed me...but when it didn't I realized I'm a lot stronger than I think I am.
I learned that all my life I was only using 1/100 of my heart. My heart has never been so full. I find myself looking at things differently and appreciated the simple things.

I have learned that motherhood is hard. Like really hard. But no matter the challenge it's worth it. Things always workout and if they don't there is always therapy, right? ;)

I learned that I'm a mom. There's no getting around it. I'm a mom. I say mom things and I love it....let's keep the mom jeans at a safe distance though. Motherhood has softened me and made me realize that life is such a blessing and not to worry about the small stuff. Not everyday is good but everyday has some sort of good in it because of you. 

Your smile is so contagious. Even at 3am. When you wake up in the middle of the night I love getting you from your crib because you latch your arms around me so tight like we haven't seen each other in days. There isn't a better feeling in the world. You have been a pretty good sleeper or we are just learning how to function better on less sleep. Either way it's working. You are learning to walk. It's so adorable. You put your arms over your head and take 2-4 steps and squeal with such pride. You have become such a great eater. Every morning you eat a veggie and fruit smoothie. When you see the blender you start saying...Naaa Naaa Naaa Naaa. Meaning....I want I want I want! You also love meatballs, watermelon, chicken, really anything. We feed you what we eat and sometimes it's a hit and other times it's a miss. You adore your new tepee that you got for your birthday. You also love trucks and balls. When you make the truck go you make a vrrooooommm sound. It kills me. Watching you play with your dad makes me the happiest person around. The love he has for you is unmeasurable. He is such an amazing father. The transition into fatherhood was a seamless one for him. Everything came so natural. He would do anything for you. Max thank you for being such an amazing child. Thank you for an incredible year. You have made my life feel more complete and worthwhile. You are our everything.

Also, a huge thank you to Brynn from Sunny Days Photography for capturing these beautiful moments of my sweet little nugget. I will cherish them forever.

 The red highchair was my grandpas Max's when he was a child. I love that I was able to incorporate something that belonged to him.

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