Wednesday, March 19, 2014

7 months

At some point in my life I plan to get back to regular blogging....but in the meantime I will continue to do monthly updates....3 weeks late.

Dear Maxwell

 You  are a MAD MAN! You are crawling like crazy. Seriously crazy. This month has been so much fun. The weather is looking a little better so we have gone to the park a couple of days. You have decided to make friends with the didn't go that great the first

time. You love the are so my child. You continue to babble da da da da da! It’s the world’s cutest thing. You have learned how to crawl up the stairs and how to open every single drawer/cupboard in the house. Your new favorite party trick is to pull the electrical socket covers off....aren't those supposed to be baby proof?  We are in full baby proofing mode. Just when I think I have made everything baby safe you find a new the lamp that you LOVE to pull off the end table. You have also decided to turn into a total mama's boy. I love it, but it’s pretty hard on your dad. Last night he was trying to put you asleep and you were screaming and screaming. Your dad was convinced that you were hurt. I went in the room and gave you a big hug and you immediately stopped crying. It was as if someone pushed mute the second I picked you up.  You just want mama loves all day. You have turned into a con-artist when it comes to sleeping in your crib. If you wake up in the night you stand up, cry, and throw your head back all while looking at the door waiting for someone to save you....hello dramatics. Stupid video monitor. It kills me to see you sad. I have tried to let you cry it out, and that usually lasts a whopping 7 minutes. Once I save you, you give me the biggest hug and I melt in the middle of your nursery.  

 We love you so much Max. I honestly can't and don't want to imagine our lives without you.

Mom, Dad, and Chloe


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