Wednesday, March 26, 2014

10-day detox

The last couple of months my diet has gotten out of control. I have been eating way too much sugar, drinking way too much caffeine, and don't even get me started on the carbs.  Ever since Max was born I have had an insatiable craving for sweets. More so than usual. I used to enjoy getting dessert here and there or bake cookies on a random Tuesday, but recently it has gotten to be an everyday thing. I have lost all the baby weight but I'm still not satisfied with my body or energy levels. So I decided that I needed it revamp my diet and detox. I say the word detox and I just get hungry. I have done the master cleanse and honestly I'm surprised I'm still a married woman after that ordeal. I was emotional and emotional. The worst thing about it? I gained it all back. My skin however did look flawless. So this time I wanted to do something where I wasn't starving to death. My parents just recently started The Blood Sugar solution 10 Day Detox. 

They are currently on day 22 (they are on the extended plan), and still living. Not only living they have lost weight, no more arthritis, cholesterol down, sleeping like babies, and just feel better overall. Now, those of you who know my parents know that they are your quintessential workout nuts. They cycle/ work out like crazy and eat like birds. So for them to be able to lose weight shocked me. My mom has lost 6 pounds and my dad has lost 13. Crazy, right? So Ben and I decided it was time to take the plunge.

The following items are on the don't even think about them, let alone put in your mouth list:

  • Anything that is not real food (e.g. anything made in a factory that comes in a can, box or package) unless it is a canned whole food such as sardines or artichokes with only a few real ingredients such as water or salt
  • Any food or drink that contains added sugar (including honey, molasses, agave, maple syrup, organic cane juice or artificial sweeteners), especially any sugar-sweetened beverages or fruit juices
  • Anything that contains hydrogenated oils and refined vegetable oils (like corn or soybean oil)
  • Any foods with artificial sweeteners, preservatives, additives, coloring, or dyes – basically anything that has a label or is processed in any way
  • Anything sugar or flour based (cookies, cakes, candies, etc.)
  • Grains (rice, oats, quinoa) and all foods made from flours (crackers, pasta, bread, pretzels, etc.)
  • Starches (sweet potato, potato, squash, parsnip, beets, etc.)
  • Beans and legumes (chickpeas, lentils, peanuts, kidney beans, etc.)
  • Dairy (yogurt, sour cream, cheese, milk, etc.)
  • Coffee and anything caffeinated (tea, soft drinks, lattes, etc.)
  • Alcohol (wine, beer, spirits, etc.)
So that leaves us with kale....

Not really, but pretty much. It leaves lean protein (chicken, turkey, eggs, nuts, and fish) and non-starchy veggies. You are allowed blueberries and strawberries only in your morning smoothie. 

I'm excited to see how I feel by the end of this. My main hope is to gain some kind of balance in my diet and have less sugar cravings. Wish me luck! 

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  1. no sweet potatoes or brown rice?!! ahhhhh!! how do you function with out good carbs? well good luck my friend:) lmk if you want my diet plan and i will email it right over;) x