Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Dear Max,

This past month has been so big for you.  I wake up to a new baby every morning. Everyday you learn something new. It's unbelievable. Your latest achievement is rolling over. How is my baby rolling over?! You have become so much more aware of your surroundings. In the morning we lay in bed with Chloe and chat about the dreams we had.  You  grab Chloe's face and laugh at her. Its possibly the sweetest thing ever. Chloe is so patient and just sits there. You are obsessed with all your toys. You currently love your taggie blankie and you're still obsessed with your Sophie giraffe. The holidays are here and having you around makes everything so special. You were a champ during Thanksgiving. You sat next to dad in your bumbo chair and acted like such a big boy. This last week we took you to cut down our Christmas tree. You are always so content in the outdoors. Dad carried you around in the backpack all bundled up.  I cant wait to take you to see Santa and make hand print ornaments.

We love you little nugget. You make our lives complete.
Mom & Dad

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