Thursday, August 22, 2013

Maternity photo shoot

Looking back on my pregnancy with Max, I'm so happy I decided to do maternity photos. It's so funny how we forget everything once the baby arrives. I have already forgotten what it was like being pregnant. I loved my pregnancy...and I'm not going to lie, I sort of miss it at times. My first couple of nights after the baby was born I would wake up freaking out because the baby wasn't moving in my belly. Ben would roll over and say...its because he's in his bassinet. Oh yeah, I gave birth! 

I was lucky enough to do a little photo shoot with the oh so talented Brynn Jolly from Sunnydays Photography. I'm beyond thrilled how they turned out. Thanks Brynn!


  1. You're a goddess.

    You're also not alone. I miss pregnancy every day. Don't tell Dallas!

  2. Brynn always seems to do an amazing job. You look gorgeous. The picture with the flowers on your head looks like it is from a magazine.

  3. looking at these again, these are seriously the most beautiful maternity pictures i have ever seen. omg that blue dress looks stunning on you!!! i love all of the pics!! jessica, again?! dang, i need to call her!!;) x