Monday, May 13, 2013


I hope you all had a fab Mother's Day all you mama's and soon to be mama's out there! 

I work behind the scenes in a photo studio as a fashion stylist. When my Friend Emily approached me to be her model for her Mother's Day giveaway I was a little terrified. It was defiantly a change being in front of the camera. I get paid to pick images apart...which makes it super hard to look at any photo, especially of yourself. It ended up being so fun! I LOVED it! With the help of Mary doing hair and make-up, Emily's mad Camera skills, and an amazing dress provided by Lilac; it all came together.

Those of you that have been pregnant know how expensive maternity clothes are. It's so difficult to buy something that you know you will only wear for a couple of months. That's why Lilac Clothing is so amazing. You can wear it before pregnancy, during, and after.

Below you'll see how I wore a Lilac dress 7 months pregnant and Emily wore the EXACT same dress...and I must say we both look pretty cute. With that being said, here's a little more about Lilac Clothing and what they're all about:

"Lilac Clothing was created by sisters, Becca Taylor Rydman & Kristy Olsen, who wanted to help women love the bodies they are in. Lilac gets that your body changes from time to time (or week to week!) and designs clothing to make women feel beautiful at every stage in their lives. Lilac Clothing is truly "Clothing for Every Body."
To read/see more about Lilac Clothing go here.

Then it was Emily's turn. She's wearing the exact same dress I am. Shocking, right?!              

Want to win the above dress from Lilac Clothing?Go to and it could be yours (in your size of course!). You have until Wednesday (5/15) to enter, winner will be announced on Thursday (5/16). Good luck!

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