Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Hawaii Essentials

This weekend we are heading to Oahu Hawaii. I have never been so excited to get out of Utah. The weather has been so horrible lately and this lady needs some vitamin D in her life! Packing for this trip has been a little daunting since I wasn't sure how big my belly was going to be. Finally, I decided to just embrace the belly and go with the flow. I plan to wear what I would normally wear...just a little modified. And yes...that is a neon bikini you see. I will be sportin' a bikini. Its a baby belly, not a beer gut! I'm so excited to relax by the ocean while reading baby books and gossip magazines. I have never been to Hawaii, we are typically Caribbean folk, so I'm super excited to experience something new. If any of you have been I would love to hear your recommendations.


  1. Brunch on Waikiki beach at the Royal Hawaiian, snorkeling at Haunama Bay, visit the valley of the temples, there is a Japanese temple there, you can ring the huge bell to signal the dead, my grandparents ashes are there, really great place. Dole pineapple factory is there my nana worked there after highschool after Pearl Harbor was bombed. I love Hawaii so much, the weather is amazing! All the shrimp trucks in North Shore are amazing! Lots of shaved ice and ramen everywhere!! Have fun xo

  2. Tyson and I rode horses on the beach at Turtle Bay, Dole Plantation for pineapple whips, swam with sharks, ate a ton of shaved ice at ma, Polynesian cultural center, The most AMAZING breakfast at Boots and Kimos (macadamia nut pancakes are to die for), Pearl Harbor, Giovannis shrimp truck. The North Shore was my favorite. Pretty much everything revolved around food. It was all AMAZING!!!! You are going to have so much fun!

  3. can you pack me up and take me with? pleeeease!! i'm so jello, i love that you are sporting a neon green bikini, you do your thang girl!! you make that bikini your betch:)
    love you, have a blasty!!

  4. How nice! Hawaii is so relaxing and fun. I just noticed you had babywise posted. We followed it (for the most part) with our daughter and it was the best decision we have ever made! It worked like a charm.