Monday, March 25, 2013


I have always had a love for Africa and all its wonder. When I was in 4th grade I was lucky enough to travel to Kenya with my entire family, cousins and all. We went on safari day after day and it never got old. I fell in love with all the animals and the kind people. From that moment I was hooked. I always say that once to go to Africa you leave part of your heart there. When I was 20 I decided to return  to volunteer. This time I went to Ethiopia, for 4 months. I can honestly say that Ben and I are married because of that trip. I needed clarity and peace of why not travel to a foreign country where you don't know the language, to get it! I came home and was ready to marry Ben.  I love the culture, the animals, and the beautiful colors. I would love to take our little peanut back to Africa some day for him to experience all the beauty Africa has to offer.

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