Friday, March 15, 2013


Last year I was facebook stalking...or working as I like to call it. I was looking for new models to come model for me at Overstock. I stumbled upon a girl named Mary Ann. I emailed her, reassuring her that I wasn't a serial killer, and that I wanted her to come in for a test shoot. She came in and was a total ball of energy. I knew, not only did I have a new model, I made a new friend. I know this sounds dumb but  its not easy meeting new friends when your are I got to talking with Mary and I discovered that she was dealing with the same stinky mess I was. Infertility. Her perspective on the entire thing seriously changed my life. I stopped throwing a pity party for myself every day and remembered to smile and laugh. She was my rock while going through all the injections and hot flashes that come with IVF. I honestly don't think I could have done it without her support. She is amazing. This last Saturday marked our one year anniversary so we celebrated in style by shopping and lunching and buying things we definitely don't need...its what we do best.

Its kind of funny how certain people come into your life when you need them most. Life works in mysterious ways. Thanks for everything Mary! I love you to pieces. Follow her blog here for fun fashion and makeup ideas.

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  1. i'm a cry'eee face mess!!
    who is this emotional person, oh it's me mary. lol
    when you texted me that you gave me a lil shout out i wasn't expecting a full on blog post about me *blush.. you mean more to me than you will ever know, not in a creepy way or maybe in a creepy way lol but your friendship is one of a kind and i feel so blessed to have got'n to know you over this last year. i feel like i have known you a life time, you're my soul sistahh and no matter what i will cherish our friendship. this last year has brought a lot of ups and a ton of downs, but through it all we are stronger and appreciate small things so much more. i'm so so so excited for the future and for our babies to be the bestest most stylish kids in town<3
    i love you so much, mageener..and now i leave you with my favorite song:

    "my mageener has a first name it's m.a.g.g.i.e!!"

    :) mwuuuahh xoxo