Wednesday, February 6, 2013


This past weekend Ben and I decided to spend the night in SLC. We decided it would be fun go to fetal photos and see what the babe is looking like these days, since last time it looked like a blob with a little flicker. I'm not going to lie, when people post pictures of their sonograms I look at them and squint my eyes and just see something that looks a semi-human. But when its your own baby...its the cutest little black and white photo you will ever set eyes on. We saw the baby's face and watched it wiggle around. It sucked its thumb and my heart melted right there on the table. I could watch that sweet little babe all day. Then came the cute little bum and legs...and there it was. Lets just say he was flaunting it and made it very easy for the nurse to confirm that it was most certainly a boy! All this time we thought it was a girl, so it was a total shock. We are beyond thrilled to have a sweet little boy. Ben cant wait to have a new fishing buddy and I cant wait to have a sweet mama's boy. Bring on the Sperry-Top Siders and little polos!

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