Monday, March 26, 2012

fireworks and butterflies

This last Friday Ben and I enjoyed a nice night out in our old neighborhood, Sugarhouse. We chatted with our "cheese man" at Tony Caputos, had a lovely dinner at Sea Salt and then went to visit with some old friends. We decided to call it a night and make our way back up to Heber. I'm used to the drive and actually don't mind it, especially when I have Ben as my company. We were listening to Band of Horses and Old Crow, not saying much, just listening to the music. Ben was holding my hand and squeezed it 3 times, its our little way of saying "I love you."....We have been doing this since we started dating. It put the biggest smile on my face and gave me butterflies. I love that after 10 years we still have it. We still have fireworks and butterflies.

And then I turned it to Spice Girls radio and the moment was ruined.

I have to laugh when I look at these.  We were soo in love and so sure that we would be together forever. Everyone would tell us that it was puppy love....blah blah blah. 10 years later we are still madly in love and still going strong.

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  1. Oh my heavens. Best post ever :).

    My roommate from college that got married just a month or so before Dallas and me just got divorced. I just found out today and it has left me in a daze. I can't believe it. I sometimes assume that everyone else feels as lucky as I do in their marriage. So happy for you and Ben. Fireworks and butterflies are a very good thing.