Friday, December 16, 2011

buy local

With the holidays right around the corner, comes the holiday shopping. I have been freaking out looking for the perfect gifts for co-workers, parents, siblings, and in-laws...I swear my shopping list gets bigger and bigger every year. This year I told myself  I was going to try to shop local, as much as possible. Don't get me wrong I still love Nordstrom and J.Crew, but I feel so much better when I walk into a local store and I'm greeted with a real genuine smile. I feel like I'm putting my money back into my community. Here are my favorite hot spots.

Hip and humble is hands down one of my favorite places to shop local. If you don't know what to get someone...go here. They have amazing gift ideas for the home, woman's apparel, jewelry, and baby. The cutest sisters own this Salt Lake one of them is a redhead, if I remember correctly... :)

Ruby Snap
I thought buying cookies from Ruby Snap would be a cute gift idea for neighbors or co-workers.  They box them up in a super cute box.... and did I mention they are amazing!? This woman knows  how to bake. Try the Lilly cookie, it's a lemon sugar cookie with lemon glaze. Plus they just opened a location in Heber!

Tabula Rasa
Tabula Rasa is such a fun little store located in Trolley Square. They have everything from beautiful stationary, Vera Bradley products, books, pens, ribbon, calendars, paper weights, frames, jewelry...just about everything. Just about every item in this store is a piece of art.  If you need help with anything ask for Sean, he is the sweetest man alive...He helped us with our wedding invites.

Liberty Heights Fresh is the place to go for any foodie...or me.  I always stop by before I go to a party to pick up a baguette or fresh flowers for the host. They have great olive oils and cheeses. They also put together really cute gift baskets.

Got Beauty
Okay, now we are getting down to business. I LOVE Got Beauty. It is such a fun place to shop for any gal. They have EVERYTHING! Jewelry, apparel, handbags, hair product, make-up, and the cutest little knickknacks. While you are there you can get a mani-pedi or just about any other spa treatment you can think of.

Tony Caputos
I am in love with Tony Caputos. I prefer to go to the 15th and 15th location. Its smaller and I know everyone who works there. If you are wanting to put together a cheese platter, Troy is your guy. This man knows his cheeses. He will help you put together the best cheese platter on any budget. Plus you get to try all of them...mmmm...samples. Make sure to try the  Strawberry Peak and the truffle goat cheese. Tony Caputos also provides wine and cheese classes every week or so...such a fun gift!

I'm so excited to finish up my shopping tomorrow, and mostly to get them wrapped and under the favorite part. :)  What are your favorite local spots to shop or dine?

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