Tuesday, September 20, 2011

utah vs. byu

This past week we decided to take a few days off and head to the cabin before it's packed with snow to the roof. We had a great time. We baked, hiked, relaxed, and had lots of giggles. Saturday night my mom made a beautiful antipasto platter to munch on during the game and I decided to bake an apple pie...

If you were questioning if I am a UTE or a BYU fan this should clear it up for you. But lets be honest with each other...you weren't questioning.

Little factoid: MY DAD IS A COUGAR FAN...the man will shock you every now and then.

This makes watching the game that much more interesting.  Back in the day we would  bet  milkshakes on who would win. Now we have moved on to bigger and better things....SHOES.
These little puppies are going to look so great on my tootsies.
Thanks Dad and Utes!

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