Friday, June 10, 2011

blood, sweat, and tears...

Okay so maybe there wasn't any blood (on my behalf at least) but there were definitely some tears. This last March I had signed up for the Little Red Riding Hood bike ride. Its a 100 mile bike ride to support Cancer research. I was super excited to get on my bike and train hard for the event. The ride kept getting closer and closer and I hadn't been on my bike yet. I was upset with my self that I didn't train, but I still wanted to ride. So I had decided it would be best if I just did the 50 miles instead of the 100.

Starting line
Saturday morning, the day of the race, we woke up at 6:00 am. Slipped into our riding shorts, slicked back our hair and tried to down some peanut butter, fruit and a red bull. We were off to the ride. We got to the starting line and before we knew it we were already to mile 25. At mile 25 we had family and friends there to cheer us on and fill our water bottles.

Poor Jen couldn't ride, due to a knee surgery

That's when I decided I would do the entire 100 miles. The beginning of the ride was a total blurr. The next thing I remember it was lunch, mile 54. I couldn't even think about eating...for once. I tried to eat a sandwich and and relax for 10.  But it was impossible I had a ton of adrenaline pumping through my veins. I broke off from the group and rode the next 25 by my self. I was good  up until mile 75. I totally bonked at that point, emotionally and physically.  I just broke down into tears. I was drained. I caught my breath and reminded my self that every ounce of pain going on at the time was going to be trumped by the feeling of crossing the finish line.  All of a sudden I could hear a cowbell ringing and cheering so I knew I was to the next checkpoint. I pulled in and tried to keep it together. I downed a rock star, some energy jellies...probably my 8th pack for the day, filled my water, and got back on my bike. Our support crew was there and told me to give it hell. I had 16 more miles to the finish line. Once I got back on my bike I just busted out laughing. I couldn't believe what I was about to do. I didn't train. I thought I was going to end up doing the 50, and here I was on mile 78. I rode for the next 22 miles with the biggest smile on my face.  Next thing  I knew I was at the finish line. I had about 10 people cheering me on. It was such an amazing feeling finishing that ride. I drove home from Logan totally elated.The next couple of days were a little painful. Can you say sore butt?!?! Totally worth it though.

I cant wait for next year ladies! I have the century bug!  
The finish line

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