Thursday, May 5, 2011


Its not a big secret that this girl loves cocktail hour. So in honor of Cinco de Mayo, it would only be right to celebrate with a MAG-a-rita. This isn't your mothers margarita, with too much sugar and not enough tequila. It's a MAG-a-rita. Kinda sweet, a little tart, perfect amount of salt, and a little kick in the pants...okay maybe a big kick in the pants. You take one sip, and before you know it you are showing off your cool new yoga poses ...or so I have heard.

I'm feeling generous today, so I'm going to share the secret recipe with you.

  • 1 cup frozen lemon-limeade
  • 1 cup tequila...this drink isn't for sissys
  • 1 cup of beer..something light in color
Mix in a blender with ice. Serve in salt-rimmed glasses, garnish with a lime and umbrella. Jimmy Buffet tunes not included.


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