Thursday, March 24, 2011

playing house

Some days I look at my life and I swear I am playing house. Ben and I met when we were wee children . I was 15, he was 17. We were inseparable from day one. He actually said I will marry this girl the first day we met (he was joking of course)...but sure enough 7 years later, he did just that.

He used to go to school at SUU while I was still in high school. He would drive home every weekend to see me. I would bawl every time he left to go back, which soon got old for everyone around me. We used to say that we couldn't wait to be married so we could cook dinner together and dance in the kitchen and snuggle without my mom peering around the corner to make sure there wasn't any hanky panky going on.

Our love story isn't perfect. There was a time that I didn't know what I wanted...deep down I knew what I wanted, I just wasn't ready. It was a time that I kinda lost my way, but I found my way back. It took me going 20,000 miles away to realize that what I wanted was right under my nose all along. I came home and was ready to be a wife. We were engaged 6 months later, and married a year after that. I love being a wife. I love coming home to a hug and kiss after a long day. I love our living room picnics; ordering pizza, watching a movie, and having a glass of wine. I am so lucky Ben stuck around, he is one of the very few people that understands me. I can be a brat and I can be incredibly REALLY stubborn. But he loves me despite my faults. I love you sweet pea, thanks for playing house with me.

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  1. I like this post. You guys are perfect for each other. It has been really fun to watch your relationship blossom from afar. I never saw Ben happier than when you said "Yes" to marrying him. Playing house is awesome!