Saturday, February 26, 2011

meet and greet

I figured I would start a new blog because I don't have enough social media going on in my life. This is a blog dedicated to me and the random shit I do on my day to day. Gezzz how narcissistic of me. But hey lets be honest, a blog is where you write a bunch of random crap about your self in hopes that people will care enough to read it. Trust me there is plenty of material here. I hope you enjoy.

First and foremost. I think I should start out by telling a little about my self.

  • My name is Maggie Diamond, I am married to my best friend of 10 years. I chose to keep my maiden name. This does not mean i don't love my husband or respect his family. It means that I LOVE my last name and maybe I'm too lazy to get a new passport.
  • I am a natural redhead. My grandpa Max aka Pinky was a redhead. My mom is blonde and my dad is a brunette. And that makes me lucky.
  • I love cooking
  • I am a stylist for a common website....its rhymes I love it. Just to clarify I don't cut hair. I make the clothes look good on the models. The easiest way to explain it is that if you see a tie that's crooked or the model is making a funky pose, I wasn't doing my job , I was in LA LA land.
  • I love meeting new people.
  • I love to giggle.
  • I love red wine, dirty martinis, and vodka tonics. Contrary to what some of you have been raised to believe, this does not make me a bad person, this make me a fun person.
  • I love my family. I have a brother (fellow redhead) and a sister. My sister and I are 3 years apart but you would think we were twins. We drive the same car, have the same taste in clothes, and have the same mannerisms. But trust me there are differences....she is a BLONDE (the enemy) and does not eat MEAT. These are two things we will never see eye to eye on. I am a mommy's and daddy's girl. We talk more than I should admit to.
  • I love to travel.
  • Nicknames: Mag, Mags, Gidget the Midget, Margret, Mag-na-doodle, Red, Matilda.
  • I'm terrified of the dark.
  • I'm obsessed with J.crew.
  • I have a french bulldog named Chloe. Shes perfect.
  • I'm OCD when it comes to things that really don't matter.
  • I'm a slob when it comes to the things that do matter.
  • I appreciate beautiful stationary, fresh flowers, and monogrammed pillows.

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