Monday, February 28, 2011

carny feet

Its Monday. I don't love Mondays, but I don't loath them like some people I know. It defiantly helps that it was sunny this morning and by total coincidence my favorite jeans were clean.

confession: I don't do the laundry in our house....that leaves only 3 other members of our family, two of which that don't have opposable thumbs. Yep, you said it, Ben does the laundry. He knows not to wash anything silky, sweatery, not to dry the unmentionables, and to wash my jeans inside out on cold. poor guy. UMMMM HELLO TANGENT.

Anyway I got to work this morning and looked down at my sad feet covered by my trashed boots I wear EVERYDAY because they are comfy. (I have to walk approximately a quarter of a mile just to get to the freaking bathrooms, also known as my cardio. So comfort is key.)

I have had my eye on some new funky wedges, just the right thing to spice things up on this Monday morning. So I find them online. Select color. Click on Select size.......SON OF A.....the following sizes were listed......6,7,8,9,10,11,12. 12? really? REALLY!? When are shoe designers going to realize they are missing out on a huge market. People with CARNY FEET! I'm not about to buy another 6 and convince myself that it fits. Its a sickness really, I do this total fake...ummmmm yeah it totally fits! I WILL TAKE THEM act. Its total bullshit and I refuse to waste money. Plus the beautiful shoes have the right to a good owner who will wear them. So for now I will just make the shoes my screen saver, and stare at them longingly.

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